A song will outlive all sermons in the memory.  
  ~ Henry Giles  
Because every organization is unique and has different team building needs, The Sound Of Team creates a customized program for every workshop we host.

We teach teams to work together toward a common outcome through experiencing a series of fun, energizing activities. Learnings are then translated into business scenarios provided by the organization, so participants can apply the experience to specific work situations. A series of group vocal and physical exercises ultimately leads to group performance of an original ‘team’ song written by the participants.

No musical talent is required. All activities are group participation, and solo performances are not expected. Our facilitators create a safe and motivating environment that encourages participants to express themselves freely.


Amazingly, through the caliber of the facilitation and the use of the universal language of music, this short session brought me from resistant to participant! Feeling that it was okay to participate however much or little I wanted allowed me to build the trust at my own pace, and before I knew it, I was deeply involved - great facilitation!”

~Ellen H

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