"Music creates order out of chaos: for rhythm imposes unanimity upon the divergent, melody imposes continuity upon the disjointed, and harmony imposes compatibility upon the incongruous."  
  ~Yehudi Menuhin  
We host events that help your employees build better teamwork skills. We use music as our platform for learning how to produce a quality end product or achieve a critical goal.

Performing on a business team requires listening, being attentive, knowing your part, functioning within timing constraints, and understanding how your part fits into the whole. That’s what keeps an organization in tune – and that’s what we focus on at The Sound Of Team.

After attending our workshop, employees understand these critical aspects of teamwork and how to more effectively work within a diverse team.

“Just what you would hope for in a teambuilding experience. Of all the teambuilding sessions I've attended, somehow the sense of 'we can do anything' is really sticking with me from this one.”

~Ellen H

About Our Players
Fotheringham & Associates bring diverse skills and experience to the services we provide our clients, from both a business perspective and in the music arena. That helps us provide our clients with a unique experience that marries the fun and joy of music activities with the useful skills of business team building.
Christine Fotheringham

Christine Fotheringham has the flexibility, skills and diverse background to connect with staff at any level and from any functional discipline. In industries as varied as life assurance, mining, food services and healthcare, she has seized the opportunities to grow and develop as an Accountant, Business Systems Analyst, Corporate Trainer and Internal Sales Consultant. She has now found her calling in her own business as a Life Coach and Team Building Consultant where she can directly contribute to the growth of others.

Christine honed her skills as a facilitator and participant in cross-functional project teams at organizations such as World Wide Restaurants, Denny’s and PacifiCare Health Systems. She has mastered dealing effectively with rapid growth, merger and acquisition, declining growth and rebirth.

She learned that trust and mutual respect are the foundation of effective teamwork. This was the genesis of The Sound of Team workshop, which uses the language of music to give teams the experience of the power that comes from stretching beyond their individual capabilities and working together to achieve a common goal - in this case, a musical performance.

Kathryn Grimm

Kathryn is a performer, recording artist, producer and in-demand vocal/guitar instructor teaching privately out of her own facility in Los Angeles and at various Colleges and Universities in Southern California. Kathryn has worked in several capacities with many top artists (Brad Pitt, Jeff Buckley, Bo Diddley, Michael Bolton, Elvis Costello), has been featured on numerous sound tracks and recordings and has self-produced several CD’s receiving worldwide airplay and distribution. For the past two consecutive years, she has had music included on the Official Grammy Ballot. Kathryn performs extensively throughout the West Coast as a solo artist and with her band “KGB” (the Kathryn Grimm Band). In addition, she is a freelance musician and producer for hire.

Academically, Kathryn has a Performance Degree in Guitar from The Musicians Institute and a Bachelors and Masters Degree in Jazz Studies and Commercial Music from Cal State , Los Angeles , where she graduated with top honors and was the recipient of several scholarships and awards.


We have a diverse team of expert facilitators and coaches who are assigned based on your specific requirements..

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