"It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery
(i.e. theory of relativity) was the result of musical perception."
  Music is the universal language of mankind.  
  ~Henry Wadsworth Longfellow  
The Situation
The project has been announced. The deadline is set. The team is in place.
Expectations are high - overnight this will become an energized, productive team committed to meeting the project goals. And yet…..
The team members remain in their silos, singing solos.
The Challenge
Open up the silos and bring together diverse areas of expertise, skills and talent, from different levels in the organization and create a sense of belonging, participation and commitment to this new, expanded team and its goals, and…
Everyone is singing from the same page, in unison and harmony.
The Solution
The Sound of Team
Our goal Award winning performance from your team
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Only by working together, like the players in a musical group, can an employee team achieve impressive performance.

Music is a unifying force. It crosses age, gender and cultural lines. Even in utero we respond to music. It connects us to powerful emotional experiences and hearing a familiar song brings us back to those moments – a lullaby, the school song, the wedding waltz. In fact, according to the International Foundation for Music Research (IFMR), scientists have found that music participation can significantly improve reasoning skills and reduce anxiety

Days, weeks, months later, when participants hear their Sound of Team song they relive the camaraderie and sense of accomplishment from the experience of creativity, communication and collaboration that resulted in their own unique sound. They recommit to the team and approach tasks with renewed vigor and energy.

I attended the workshop with skepticism as an executive, but by the conclusion of the day's exercises I was very impressed. The output of the team far exceeded my expectations and reinforced that the output of teams that work together in harmony is often much greater than the sum of the members' individual skills.”

~Carl W

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